New release of Docear

Docear Version 1.0 is out now. We’ve added several new features and made many improvements over the past few months.

What is Docear?

Docear is an open source software for literature management that is tailored to the needs of students, researchers, and academics. Docear bundles multiple tools for academic literature and knowledge management into a single interface. The software combines a mind-mapping tool with a recommender system for academic literature and a reference manager.

The mind...

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CitePlag received a makeover

CitePlag is the first prototype of a citation-based Plagiarism Detection (CbPD) System. The prototype was recently demonstrated at the SIGIR conference 2013.

What makes CitePlag novel?

In contrast to existing text-based approaches to plagiarism detection, CitePlag does not solely analyze literal text matches to determine document suspiciousness – but rather, CitePlag makes use of the unique citation placement in the full-text of documents to determine similarity and detect potential...

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